Benefits of Transferring Your Pension

What do You Gain?


  • You can transfer the value of any 'Company Pension' and 'Personal Pension' you left behind in the UK, directly into a 'Regular Canadian RRSP'.
  • You'll have full control of your funds and won't be forced to deal with your present pension provider half-way around the world.
  • You won't need to worry about your overseas pension company – is it healthy, merging, collapsing or disappearing altogether?

Stability for your Loved Ones

  • Exchange rate fluctuations and transaction charges won't erode your pension payouts when you retire (current charges on regular pension payments from Britain can be as high as £19.00 per payment).
  • If you were to die, the full value of this regular Canadian RRSP could be rolled over into your spouses RRSP with no tax consequences. If left in a UK pension scheme, usually a maximum 50% spousal pension is paid or in some cases, all benefits cease.
  • Pension funds transferred to qualifying schemes exit the UK without a claw back of tax incentives gained whilst saving in the United Kingdom. This means you are not only transferring your physical savings and tax free gains, but the accumulated tax relief as well.


  • The funds can be transferred directly into a regular Canadian RRSP.

There are many more benefits, and we can't list them all because each case is unique. Taking the time to meet with our advisors can help answer your questions and best of all, it's free!

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Tip of the Week

Buying extra UK State Pension results in a fantastic return on investment!

Did you know?

From April 6th 2016 a number of changes to the UK State Pension take effect. Call Dee on 1-888-511-9766 to discuss.

Customer Testimonials

The service provided to both my wife and I was impeccable, fast, efficient and totally painless. We would highly recommend this service to anyone.

Colin & Helen Byers, Jarvie, AB

June 20th 2014

We were very pleased with the work that Mike and Dee of UK 2 Canada Pension Transfers did for us regarding my UK Pensions. We would recommend them without reservation to anybody.

Paul Chessman, Kensington, PE

June 20th 2014

After a lot of work the knowledgeable team at UK2Canada found out that I was entitled to a pension and that I could purchase several missing contribution years. This increased my pension significantly and gave me a return on  my investment in under a year! Your service is unique and I would recommend it to anyone who worked for even a few years in the UK.

Alan Farmer, Acton, ON

July 2nd 2014


We had been looking to transfer our UK pensions for some time. UK2Canada provided us with the confidence we required to get the process started, and helped us obtain additional National Insurance contributions in order to qualify for full British state pensions.  The whole process was quick and professional & I would highly recommend! 

Hayley & Steve Long, Guelph, 

ON, June 20th 2014


Pensions are being paid on time and UK2Canada made the tasks of buy back, etc. very easy. I could NEVER have negotiated the bureaucracy without your help.  Consequently, I have recommended your organisation to a number of other expats residing in Canada.

Margaret Evered, Toronto, ON

June 20th 2014


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I immigrated to Canada in 1996, with my wife and four children and we settled in Guelph, Ontario. Throughout my career in the UK I held various management positions at numerous banks, building societies and insurance companies.I also spent a significant time as a civil servant at the Inland Revenue. This experience puts me in an ideal position to advise on UK Pensions.

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