UK to Canada Pension Transfers Important News!

Their is a lot of literature coming out of the UK about so called Pension Liberation. This a euphemistic term for cashing out your pension without paying taxes on it. When UK 2 Canada Pension Transfers engages in the transfer of UK pension rights for clients it is purely a move from the UK pension jurisdiction to the Canadian pension jurisdiction. The transfer will certainly open up more options than were available if funds were left in the UK but everything is legitimate and totally above board.

The ad above is warning about firms who are targetting people who have pensions in the UK and in quite a lot of cases still live in the UK. The fraudster firms operate from the UK or exotic places across the world and make illegal promises about what they can do with people’s hard earned pension money.

Whilst we applaud the campaign to stamp out pension fraud we want make sure legitimate and totally beneficial pension transfers are not affected. So as always if you need clarification on anything to do with UK Pensions, Contact us today.

All the best,