The process of filing your application is time consuming and the forms and correspondence are often confusing and difficult to understand. Utilizing our expertise will ensure that when you retire, you will receive the maximum possible pension from Her Majesty’s Government.

The cost of our services is a ONE TIME fee, of 20% of the Annual State Pension Entitlement that we negotiate for you (subject to a $450 minimum)

This is a large saving on the fees being charged by competitors here in Canada.

We also pursue any opportunities you may have for pension arrears, at a cost of 15% of the lump sum that we successfully negotiate on your behalf.

An additional service we offer is Class 2 National Insurance Consideration. Through this process we have enabled 90% of our clients to purchase additional years of National Insurance at the lowest rates possible. A saving of 80% on the cost of the average rates quoted.

Discussion with a client.
We save clients time and frustration!